Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quick Cupcake Card

I TRIED to do the 10 Minute Card Dash.  I tried twice and just couldn't get a card done in 10 minutes.  BUT, I did manage to make this card in 13 minutes and 20 seconds, which for me really wasn't bad at all so I thought I should share it anyway....

I used the Got Ippity stamp set Counts as Fruit for the image and sentiment.  The sentiment reads:  "Because of the Cherry it counts as fruit".  Now, I wanted to put some crystal effects on the cherry but my bottle is jammed and I couldn't get it open.  I probably would have made the 10 minute time if I wasn't fussing with that bottle - LOL.

This card is for my twin sister.  Our birthday was yesterday.  She's also my very best friend.  She's my person.  You know, the person that knows you so well you can tell them anything and they love you.  She's been there through all my life's joys and challenges.  She's that person.  I LOVE her more than I could ever express.  She'll love this card because I made it and she'll be baffled at why I love to make cards but she'll still love it. 


Be sure to check back tomorrow.  I'll have my blog hop post for the Got Ippity design team.


Benzi said...

Ooh, Julie, that image is too cute. I love your card and I am quite sure your sis will, too.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both. Hope it was a great one. Pssttt..keep working on your sis and maybe she'll start making cards, too. :-)
No chance, huh?

Hey, that's good time for making a card even if not in 10 min.

I don't have CE but I have Glossy Accents and when the lid sticks, I run hot water over it for quite a bit and that works...sometimes.


Wida said...

I hadn't even bothered with that challenge because I KNOW it's an impossibility for me. Not bad for 13 minutes and 20 even has some coloring!