Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Gift Tags

I've been absent from my blog for a few weeks now.  Luckily there are no major problems keeping me from blogging.  I've just been very busy working on projects for the craft show I'm doing in December at the Medical Center where I work.  I've known about this for a year now (I had a table at this show last year too) but really just started working on my projects a couple weeks ago.

I tend to get so focused on designing that I don't take the time to mass produce anything, then at the last minute I'm rushing to finish making everything.

Last night I made up a few dozen gift tags.  I wanted them to be easy to mass produce so I kept the design simple.  Really it doesn't get much simpler than this.


I used Cherry Cobbler and Kraft Paper.  The snowflake is punched out of white glitter paper.  I stamped the kraft cardstock with white snowflakes and added a piece of twine to the end.  The tag base measures 4 inches x 2.25 inches.  The Kraft paper is 3.75 x 2 inches.  The corners were punched with the ticket corner punch, which is probably the second punch I ever purchased.

I'll be back soon with more pictures of my craft show goodies!

Thanks for stopping by!


Benzi said...

Very pretty tags, Julie. Love all the snowflakes. Hope you get everything made in time for the craft show and it is a great success.
I'll be watching for more photos.

Virginia L. said...

A great design is something you can mass produce and look GOOD! You sure did a great job on this tag design!! Glad to see you back to blogging. Hope that your craft table make a smashing success! Good luck! xoxo

Robin Mudd said...

What is a ticket corner punch? Could you tell us the brand or post a pic of it? Thanks