Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our 14th Wedding Anniversary

This past Wednesday, Scott and I celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary.  This is the card I made for him.....

I found this beautiful quote on Pinterest a few months back on a vinyl wall art picture.  I thought the sentiment would be perfect for an Anniversary card.  

I can tell you the hardest part about making this card was creating the sentiment.  I couldn't find a download online with a digital stamp that had this quote.

To create the sentiment I used Times New Roman and Edwardian Script for the fonts.  Each line of the sentiment was created using text boxes so I could move the boxes and place the text exactly where I wanted it to go.  Then I grouped the text boxes to hold them together.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my card today!


Tenia Nelson said...


Benzi said...

Hi Julie....long time, no see.
Glad you posted this beautiful anniversary card. It's so sweet and wonderfully CAS. Love the little red heart and that wonderful sentiment you had to fuss with. Good job!!

Laurie said...

GORGEOUS! I love how you framed the quote and the pop of red in the heart!