Saturday, April 28, 2018

Lottery Ticket Cake

Thanks for stopping by!!  Here's a quick post on a Lottery Ticket Cake I made with my daughter.


1 Cardboard Cupcake Stand (Party Supply Store)
20 Lottery tickets ($2 Tickets)
1 Balloon Weight Centerpiece
White Sparkle Paper Punched Out Stars (Large)
Black Paper Punched Out Stars (Small)
Silver Metallic Twist Ties
Large Black Scallop Circle Punch
Die Cut Numbers
Small Zots - Clear Adhesive Dots

Step 1) Put Cupcake Stand Together.

Step 2 - Tape Lottery Tickets to Cake Stand.  Tape each ticket to the scallop edge using two small pieces of scotch tape on the bottom of each side of the ticket.  
(I've tried this with double sided tape before.  It works best to use regular clear scotch tape)

5 Tickets on top tier
7 Tickets on middle tier
8 Tickets on bottom tier

Step 3 - Assemble Stars (adhesive dots work great to put the small stars on the large stars) 
adhere stars to silver metallic twist ties. 

Tape twist ties with stars to the inside of the scallops in between scratch off tickets.
Add some Stars to hang off the balloon weight
Adhere the Scalloped Circle with Numbers Cake Topper to the balloon weight

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