Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Top Ten Cards of 2010 - Blog Hop

I found out about this fun blog hop from my friend Maria at Ria Creations and thought it would be fun to play along.  The site to link your Top 10 to is  The Manic World of Mrs. Weyremaster.

Unfortunately my post didn't make it in time for the blog hop but I'm still going to share....

So here are my 10 favorite cards from 2010.  They are in no particular order except the first card is my absolute favorite of the year.  The captions will link you back to my original post.

My Wedding Anniversary Card
Recycled Stella

JJ  Paper Pieced
Treehouse Stamps Contest Winner

New Baby Swap Card

Old Olive & Ivory

Coffee Cup Gift

Eggbert is Blue

October Treehouse Contest

Circle Card

Thanks for checking out my Top 10 of 2010!


Benzi said...

They're all awesome. And, what a fun challenge...too bad you were late for the blog hop. That is o.k. and I'm glad you shared your top ten. I may try to do that. One of my other blogger friends did it, too.

Emily Leiphart said...

Even though you aren't linked to the blog hop, I'm glad you listed your top ten! I really love the musical anniversary card and of course the coffee mug. Thanks for sharing your talent, Julie!

Maria Levine said...

Awesome selection Julie!! That was such a fun idea!

Starla said...

So glad you posted on my blog! I love all the Bugaboo images you use. I like the idea of doing a top 10 also...might have to "borrow" that idea for my last post of the year!!

TrishG said...

Great projects from 2010~
Happy New Year to you, Julie!